SST License Manager Service Help

If you are getting a "Not able to contact remote machine "Computer Name". Possible causes are" message, follow the steps outlined below.

sstlm error message stating not able to contact remote machine.  Possible causes are

Registering the SSTLM Service

1. Click on the Start Menu and navigate to All Programs->SST License Manager->Manage License.

2. After opening the SST License Manager window, select Tools->Register SST License Manager.

screenshot of sstlm tools menu with register sst license manager selected

3. If there is no conflict, you should see the box below.

sstlm's manage license confirmation window stating sst license manager service registered successfully

Restarting the SSTLM Service

Sometimes, simply restarting the SSTLM service via Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services will solve the problem

1. From Windows Control Panel open Administrative Tools.

screenshot of windows control panel with Administrative Tools selected

2. Open Services from the Administrative Tools window.

screenshot of Administrative Tools window with Services selected

3. Find and select SSTLM from the list of services shown in the Services window.

screenshot of Services window with SSTLM service selected

4. Click Restart on the left side of the window once you have selected SSTLM service. This will stop and restart the SSTLM service. Once task is complete, close out of these windows and try running your software again.

Restart your computer

Sometimes the best way get a Windows Service working properly is to completely shut down your machine and give the operating system a fresh restart.