"We were designing a steam distribution piping of size dn150 for our steel melt shop catser project for vsp with m/s. Micco. The problem was the space contraint to provide horizontal expansion loops, as the pipes to pass throu narrow crane girders and also can not be taken outside the building. Finally we decided to make vertical expansion loops. CAEPIPE being such good stress analyis software, we could fix proper supports and anchors to the vertical loops without any problems."

"CAEPIPE is really a practical and highly efficient engineering tool with fast analysis and can reduce design costs significantly."

Sharad Patil, Consultant/Sr. Piping Specialist
Daniels & C SpA, India

"CAEPIPE provided valuable support when I used it to resolve pipe stress for a boiler system which is mounted seventy-five feet high. The height of the system and the required lengths of pipe required to reach the plant below created a complicated set of stresses, however CAEPIPE had no difficulty resolving the stresses and enabled me to complete the project on time with correct answers, thanks CAEPIPE!"

Willaim Roberts, Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Oneshot Designs, USA

"For aviation industrial, there are lots of load cases to be applied on systemS or components independently. The current software can solve many complex load problems. Yet if we want to do analysis with tons of different load cases independently, the current one is insufficient for these analyses"

"I found that CAEPIPE provideS us with an *.mbf input format and it is easy modify using a text editor. I designed a macro of VBA to utility using this advantage. First of all, you fulfill your load cases in a spreadsheet and build your basic CAEPIPE model. Then run the macro and replace the relative load cases in *.mbf independently. After that, you can get your *.mbf input file. If you have 5 load cases, you will have 5 *.mbf. The macro also helps you build the batch file to call CAEPIEP to run analysis. When the macro is finished, you can get, like I described before, 5 mbf, 5 mod, 5 csv, and 5 res."

Guanzhong Du, Stress Engineer
Eaton-Samc, P.R. China