Input File: DXF File (.dxf)

Output File: PDMS mac File (.mac)

Note: This translator will import Piping Models as Structural Components in PDMS.


1. Facetted object from DXF shall be transferred as Polyhedron elements in PDMS. If the number of vertex in a facetted object exceeds 8188, 3DDXF-to-PDMS automatically splits the facetted elements as several polyhedron (POHE) elements of 8188 vertices each.

2. The current version of the software transfers the following entities to PDMS at this time.

a. 2D and 3D Line
b. 2D and 3D Circle
c. 3D Face
d. 3D Mesh
e. Vertex
f. Block
g. Insert
h. Polyline (2D and 3D)
i. LWPolyline

3. Proprietary data on 3D Solid Entities such as Box, Sphere, Cylinder, Wedge, etc., modeled using using AutoCAD Geometry Modeler (AcDBModelerGeometry) will NOT be transferred at this time, due to unavailability of access to such proprietary data. However, the same can be transferred to PDMS with few percentage losses of data by exploding such objects completely using AutoCAD.

4. The following entities are not transferred to PDMS at this time.

a. ARC
b. Ellipse
c. Spline