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Good usable information on pipe stress analysis is hard to come by these days. So, we requested a few field experts to write us articles on this subject. Please feel free to browse, share and print this information. The opinions expressed by the author are his own and do not necessarily reflect SST's opinions.

List of Articles

How Did the Tee Fail?

An ANSI B16.9 NPS 10 XXS Welding Tee in a piping system was designed and constructed in accordance with ASME...

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Problem with piping "Liftoff"

Contemporary commercial piping analysis programs deal differently with the problem of apparent lift-off of an operating pipe...

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Stress Intensification Factors

A B31 stress intensification factor (SIF) is an empirically derived parameter...

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Proposed changes to Allowables in ANSI B31.1 (Power Piping code) and ASME Section III

Recently the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) has passed Code Cases to change the allowable stress...

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"Dynamic Susceptibility" Method for Piping Vibration

When addressing vibration issues, the piping designer does not have the specific requirements, nor the analytical tools...

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Temperature Limitations in Piping Component Materials

ASME B31.3, Para. 323.2 Temperature Limitations describes low temperature requirements to assure adequate material toughness...

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Comments on Butt Welds

User Question: In reviewing the section on SIF's, I realize that in many cases there would be an SIF for a simple butt weld...

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