Quick Solutions. Proven Reliability.
Improved Profitability.

CAEPIPE pipe stress analysis software gives
analysts exactly what they need to do their jobs
as effectively as possible.


Your industry's first "real world"
clash check software.

Helps avoid lost productivity due to shut down
and expensive post-commissioning repair costs.


Time-saving code-compliance
software. For designers!

Enables designers to self-check for basic
piping code compliance. Frees your engineers
for critical analysis.


Transfer entire piping systems
with a mere mouse-click.

Import from a wide range of plant design software
to convert to CAEPIPE, CAESAR-II or other.
Save time. Reduce errors. Increase productivity.


Design. Analysis. Translation.
And more.

A "one stop" resource to finish projects on time
at a fraction of typical price points.

Top Reasons Engineering Managers Pick


The only company to offer an easy solution to the problem of project delays caused by "back and forth" piping layout design iterations between the Design and Engineering departments.

Platforms: PDMS, CADMATIC, PDS, SmartPlant, AutoCAD Plant 3D, and others.


checkSTRESS makes it a breeze for Designers to use. It works as a standalone software for others. A short amount of time up front may save hours ? perhaps even weeks -- later on.


checkSTRESS enables
Designers to anticipate and
correct problems before Engineering
dept. points them out in the next iterations. By
reading piping models, checkSTRESS
helps a designer produce code-compliant layouts.


checkSTRESS readily
generates CAEPIPE, CAESAR II and
PIPESTRESS input files for further detailed stress analysis.


Dramatically reduce project
execution time and the total
elapsed time ? protecting your bottom
line from losses due to inefficiency.

What is checkSTRESS?

checkSTRESS is a unique solution to the old problem of project delays caused by "back and forth" piping layout design reviews between the Design and Engineering departments.

Simple and elegant, checkSTRESS' graphically intuitive interface helps the designer produce code-compliant designs in the first iteration, dramatically reducing the project execution and the total elapsed time.

Announcing NEW checkSTRESS products!

Under the checkSTRESS brand name, three products (For PDMS, CADMATIC, SmartPlant, AutoCAD Plant 3D, CATIA, and others) are available namely:

  • checkSTRESS (which generates only CAEPIPE input file)
  • checkSTRESS II (which generates input files for both CAEPIPE and CAESAR II) and
  • checkSTRESS Nuke (which generates input files for both CAEPIPE and PIPESTRESS).

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Does It Make Business Sense?

Consider five designers working on piping layout with one stress engineer validating their layouts. The engineer becomes the bottleneck; s/he simply cannot sign off on all the stress projects in a timely manner, what with having to do a "back-and-forth" with the five designers to first arrive at an acceptable layout before delving into the analysis details. The engineer spends most of his/her time working with the designers to first arrive at an acceptable layout, ONLY after which will s/he be able to attempt to get into the real analysis work.

RESULT: Less reliable piping systems due to hastily done analyses. Might lead to either a failure in the field or expensive redesigns.

FINAL OUTCOME: Inevitable project delay. Projects cannot be signed off.

With checkSTRESS, you get reliable systems without project delays. It makes perfect business sense.

How Does checkSTRESS Work?

checkSTRESS works an add-on to PDMS or CADMATIC and as a standalone software for others. A designer selects checkSTRESS from a menu inside PDMS/CADMATIC. For details, watch the short video below.

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