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I ran through the complete model tutorial on the web's online trial version. It [CAEPIPE] was one of the best trial versions I have ever seen, including any and all other types of different tutorials I've tried in the past.

Gary T., Daview Engrg. LA

CAEPIPE is considered one of the best if you have a big volume of work to be done, since it is the fastest for most common cases. (I mean, the time it takes you to use its input, output and generating reports for civil design from the software output).

From an Internet forum

We use CAEPIPE to design the process coils in our steam cracking furnaces. These coils operate at temperatures between 1,200F & 2,000F. Supports must be sized properly to prevent coil distortion and rapid failure. CAEPIPE graphic displays are extremely useful in determining if we have input the geometry correctly and in evaluation of results.

Arthur DiNicolantonio, Major Oil Company
CAEPIPE user for over 17 years

The new graphics rendering feature in CAEPIPE v5 is fantastic. It far exceeds the graphics of any other piping stress analysis program I have seen.

Ed Patnode, Advanced Thermal
CAEPIPE user for over 15 years

I licensed CAEPIPE for its user-friendliness and flexibility ... in CAEPIPE, I can model twice as fast.

Kyle Schmidt, Fiberglass Structural Engrg.
CAEPIPE user for over 12 years

[CAEPIPE] is a very practical and efficient engineering tool, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and technical support... Analysis is fast and consistent. I enjoy using CAEPIPE.

Blazo Ljubicic, Research Engineer, Energy and Environmental Research Center, Grand Forks, ND
CAEPIPE user for over 15 years

CAEPIPE is the best program I have used Exceptional Versatility.

Late Daniel Mroz, President, Mroz Mechanical, Madison, IN.

CAEPIPE's features permit quick model modifications and subsequent analysis and results review. This allows the user to perform "what if" scenarios quickly and easily. Traditional support system configurations, even those designed with computer-aided modeling, utilize significant numbers of constant force and variable spring supports. Utilizing CAEPIPE's features allows the designer to minimize the numbers of spring- type supports, reducing the potential of spring-type support related movement problems.

Les Larson, Basic Electric Power CoOp
CAEPIPE user for over 25 years

The ability to model quickly and perform quick iterations saves the client money and allows for a more readily optimized solution that everyone involved is more pleased with, in the long run.

Marcus Casserd, Anvil Corp.,
CAEPIPE user for over 25 years

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