SST License Manager Environment Variable Help For Windows

If you get: "Error, SSTLM Environment variable not set" message, take these steps detailed below.

Step 1 - Open Control Panel

Open the Control Panel and double-click on the System and Security icon.

troubleshooting environment variable windows control panel with system icon selected

Step 2 - Click on System

After opening the System and Security window, click on System.

caepipe sstlm troubleshooting windows 7 control system security screen with system selected

Step 3 - Click on Advanced system settings

After opening the System window, click on Advanced system settings.

caepipe sstlm troubleshooting windows 7 system window with advanced settings selected

Step 4 - Go to Environment Variables

After opening the Advanced system settings window, select the Advanced tab.

Next click on the Environment Variables button.

caepipe sstlm troubleshooting windows 7 system properties window with advanced tab selected

Step 5 - Add SSTLM Variable

After opening the Environment Variables window, add a new System Variable (not a User Variable).

Enter "SSTLM" in the Variable Name field.

Enter the IP Number/Hostname of the computer on which SSTLM resides on in the Value field.

caepipe sstlm troubleshooting windows 7 environment variables window with SSTLM variable displayed

Note: Most often SSTLM will reside on the same computer as the SSTLM protected software. In this case, for your IP Number/Hostname, you need to use:

A static/dynamic IP Number (or computer name) of the computer where SSTLM is loaded - Check with your Network Administrator

NOTE: For network licenses with multiple users/client machines.

In order for Client machines to access the license hosted by SST License Manager (installed on server machine/computer) please use the server machine/computer IP Address/NAME in the SSTLM Environment Variable Value field instead of the client machine IP/NAME.

Remote Desktop via Citrix/Across Routers

If possible, install and run CAEPIPE/SSTLM software using the console as if you were "local." When defining the SSTLM environment variable, you can reference the hostname of any other computer on your subnet. If across subnets, open port 12000 on your router/firewall.