Tips April - June 2005

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Weight of Fluid Column

Question: Does CAEPIPE include the weight of the vertical fluid column in a riser pipe?

Reply: Yes, CAEPIPE does include the weight of the vertical column of fluid (uses whatever spec gravity you have input) when it reports results for supports on the riser. To verify, simply remove the spec. gravity. You will see that the load shown upon subsequent analysis will be less than the previous load when you had input spec. gravity. The difference should entirely be attributable to the spec. gravity input. Note however, that the fluid weight (due to sp. gravity) would be for the ENTIRE system, not just the fluid weight in the riser.

If you do not want CAEPIPE to consider this fluid column weight, then define a new Load with the same properties as the old one minus the spec. gravity input.

How to Fix the Graphics View

Question: Usually we work in a particular area [in graphics] and we zoom in to look at a problem area. Once we get just the view we like, we go into the layout. As we browse the layout, the view flies around and we lose the view we were studying. Can you tell us how we can fix the view?

Reply: Starting v5.12, you can use the feature Freeze/Unfreeze in Graphics window to freeze or release the graphics view by pressing the function key F8. This feature is also available in two more places in the graphics window, i.e., Graphics Window->View->Freeze/Unfreeze View (Toggle) and Graphics Window->Mouse Right Click->Freeze/Unfreeze View (Toggle). The details on this implementation are listed below.

1. The option "Freeze View" disables the dynamic updating of view (i.e., view remains unchanged) when the user scrolls in the Layout window.
2. User can still perform the Zoom, Pan, Rotate, etc., with the frozen view. The new view thus obtained after performing such operation becomes the new frozen view.
3. The addition of new element in the layout window will update the graphics and can be seen immediately, if the new element added is available within the display region shown in the graphics window.
4. The dynamic updating of view can be enabled by pressing F8 again or by selecting the Graphics Window->view->Unfreeze View.