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Modeling Tips

Using the Slope command in CAEPIPE (3/02)
Viewpoint feature in CAEPIPE graphics (3/04)
Closing a loop (1/02)
Create/Edit Material Library (11/01)
Modeling Tied Bellows (8/00)
Printing rendered images (12/99)
Beam Rendering (7/99)
How to model gapped guides (6/99)
Expansion joints (9/98)
General Usage Tips (11/98, 12/98)
How to export data to a spreadsheet (7/01)
"Dynamic Susceptibility" Method for piping vibration (A Screening tool for Potentially-large Alternating Stresses) (5/01, 6/01)
Dynamic Analysis Cutoff Frequency (2/02)
Improve your efficiency Part 1 - Keyboard shortcuts for Element types (3/00)
Improve your efficiency Part 2 - Keyboard shortcuts for Data types (4/00)
Improve your efficiency Part 3 - Rapid Editing in Layout Window (5/00)
Improve your efficiency Part 4a - Generate command (6/00)
Improve your efficiency Part 4b - Generate command - More examples (7/00)
Handy features in CAEPIPE v5.x (5/99)
Automatic Backup/Save (4/99)
Modeling and Usage Tips - 1 (11/98)
Modeling and Usage Tips - 2 (12/98)
Checking Piping Discontinuity (10/03)
Block Edit Operations (12/03)
How to fix graphics view (06/05)
Deleting a range of rows (8/03)
Rotating parts of a model (7/03)
How to duplicate repetitive input (6/03)
Using CAEPIPE-Evaluation copy as a FREE viewer (2/03)
Modeling a Jacket Reducer in CAEPIPE (1/03)
Renumbering Nodes in CAEPIPE (12/02)
Trunnion Modeling (11/02)
Meaning of Ground Level for Soils (10/02)
Snubbers Modeling (07/05)
Sway Braces With Preload-Modeling Technique (08/05)
Modeling Tie Rods Correctly (10/05)
Apply SIFS For Welded Attachments to Pipe? (01/06)
How to model a 45 (degree) Lateral (04/06)
How to model an integrally reinforced branch connection -1 (10/06)
How to model an integrally reinforced branch connection -2(11/06)
How to model a Pressure Balanced Elbow(02/08)

Pipe Stress Notes (General Notes)

To Include or Not to Include Hanger Stiffnesses? (8/04)
Support Load Summary (11/03)
Natural Frequencies and Nonlinearities (2/04)
Bourdon Effect — Straight Pipe (9/04)
Local Shell Flexibility (10/01)
Local Coordinate System (9/01)
When to use Liberal Allowable Stresses (8/01)
Allowable Displacement range exceeding Material Yield Strength (4/01)
Joint Efficiency Factor and Material Allowable Stresses (3/01)
Harmonic Analysis (12/00)
Use Stress Intensification Factors in B31.3? (11/00)
Piping Design and Layout Objectives (2/00)
Preferred attachment to structure (11/99)
Preferred pipe attachment points (10/99)
Placing dead weight supports (9/99)
Tips for Flexible Layouts (8/99)
Computing Seismic Loads (3/99)
Estimating Relief Valve Force (1/99)
Limit stop displacements in static seismic cases (10/98)
Sustained Loads and Limit stops (6/98)
Determination of SA (thermal displacement stress range)(5/98)
NEMA SM-23 Reports (4/98)
Modeling Wind Loads(3/98)
Selecting Load Cases for Analysis(9/03)
Hydrostatic Test Loadcase (6/04)
Hot modulus vs. Cold modulus, effect on loads and stresses (5/04)
Liberal Allowable Stresses Question (4/04)
Static Seismic Loadcase-Notes (1/04)
Notes on Rod Hangers (8/02)
How to reduce loads on equipment (7/02)
Limit stops in Dynamics (5/02)
Does CAEPIPE Include Weight of Fluid Column? (5/05)
Stiffness Matrix Not Positive Definite (09/05)
How To Specify Displacements(11/05)
SA Hand Calculations Don't Match CAEPIPE's (2/06)
B31.3 Sustained Stress At a Branch Connection Don't Match Hand calcs(3/06)
How To Compute Minimum Pipe Wall Thickness Using CAEPIPE (5/06)
SIFS, SCFs and Stress Indices (6/07)
Piping Code Stress Types (9/06)
Combined Operating Stresses? (12/07)
High Flange Loads (07/09)

Pipe Stress Analysis Expert Commentaries

How did a B16.9 Tee Fail - Interesting Article
Commentary on Stress Intensification Factors (9/00)
Stress Intensification Factors - Further Remarks (10/00)
Commentary on the proposed change to allowables in B31.1 and SCIII (1/00)
Comments on Flexibility Analysis (2/99)
Branch Connection Pressure Design (7/04)
Commentary on Pressure Expansion (4/02)
Displacement Stress vs. Expansion Stress (5/07)
Comments on Temperature Limitations in Piping Component Materials (11/04)
Flanges-Commentary-Part 1 (4/03)
Flanges-Commentary-Part 2 (5/03)
Notes on Fabricated tee (as per Sec III NB3643.3) (3/03)
Problem with Piping "Liftoff"(9/02)
Comments on Butt Welds (6/06)
Low Temperature Material Use in B31.1 vs. B31.3 (1/07)