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More than 10 years
experience. Includes over 200
qualified personnel offering
services to meet your needs. Senior
engineering personnel bring domain
expertise, while other engineers bring
technology expertise.


Clients include Anvil, Alstom Power, BHEL, Chemtex, Desmet Ballestra, Eka Chemicals, Ershigs, Tecnicas Reunidas, Technip, Toshiba, Uhde etc.


Too busy to do your own
design and detail engineering?
We’ll help you as much or as
little as you need. Individuals or teams
available for small or large projects.


Quick response to changes
in design and engineering


Services include Plant layout,
Piping design & engineering,
Preparation of Intelligent P&IDs & 3D Plant
model and extraction of drawings &
reports, Civil & Structural design &
analysis, Electrical systems design &
engineering, Control & Instrumentation
(C&I) systems design & engineering

Low Cost

Our pricing makes us an
excellent fit for most assignments.


SST provides timely and friendly consulting services in

  • Plant Design and Detail Engineering Services
  • Implementation of Integrated Plant Asset Management System (INFOplantTM) customized to your green-field (new) / brown-field (operating) plant

Our client roster includes Anvil, Alstom Power, BHEL, Chemtex, Desmet Ballestra, Eka Chemicals, Ershigs, Tecnicas Reunidas, Technip, Toshiba, Uhde etc. The following information further describes our capabilities and experience. For preliminary consultation and a free cost estimate, call us now at +1-408-452-8111.

SST provides the above services and solutions to EPC Contractors, Owner Operators and Engineering Consultants in the field of Power, Oil & Gas production (onshore & offshore), Refinery, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Paper & Pulp, Sugar, Water Treatment, Waste Management, Steel / Metal Process, Ship building, Heavy Engineering Industries etc.

Plant Design & Detail Engineering Services

Instead of following the traditional approach of using various stand-alone, off-the-shelf design engineering software tools, resulting in increased design errors and delay in project execution, SST uses its in-house, innovative integrated design engineering system.

Hence, our design and engineering services help EPC contractors, engineering consultants and equipment manufacturers in terms of improved design, quality and cost effectiveness. Our services help the plant owners / operators by reducing costs associated with construction, operations, maintenance and inspection of their plants, and enhance plant efficiency and reliability.

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  • Technical expertise in Plant Design & Detail Engineering Services
  • Software used for project execution
  • Partial list of Projects and
  • Management team

Implementation of Integrated Plant Asset Management System (INFOplantTM)

Our INFOplant integrates information (Data, Drawings and Documents) related to design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and other downstream activities of any industrial plant. The complete data of the plant (from design to procurement to construction to operations to inspection to maintenance) is stored electronically in a central database which could be retrieved at any time during the life of the plant, resulting in numerous benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • Instantaneous access to data leads to rapid emergency response.
  • Shutdown period for maintenance is reduced resulting in increased plant productivity.
  • Connecting INFOplant with real time data acquisition system permits remote monitoring of equipment condition leading to timely preventive maintenance.
  • Construction Scheduling based on the current materials available in stores and in-transit permits “just-in-time” procurement activities.

INFOplant system can be customized and implemented on any green-field (new) / brown-field (operating) plant. See a figure with more details.

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