Technical Capabilities in Design & Detail Engineering Services

Layout, Piping Design & Engineering

  • Design of complete Plant / Facility Layout including generation of:
    • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
    • Composite Equipment and Piping / Tubing Layout Drawings (GAs)
    • Layout Drawings for Structures, Cable Trays and Ducts
    • Piping / Tubing Isometrics and Spools
    • Reports including Line List, Valve List, Instrument List, Bill of Materials etc.
  • Design and Detail Engineering of Equipment, Piping / Tubing and Supports to Piping / Tubing
    • Equipment design using ASME Section VIII, API, NEMA, TEMA etc.
    • Piping / Tubing design and stress analysis using ANSI, ASME Section III, European & other codes for weight, thermal, wind and other static loads
    • Piping / Tubing Support design and analyses (including ASME Section III)
    • Evaluation of existing piping installations and modifications
    • Design and stress analysis of fiberglass reinforced piping (FRP)
  • Design and analysis of piping / tubing systems, structures and equipment (mechanical and electrical) for all types of dynamic loads, as applicable, including:
    • Pump excitation
    • Fluid hammer
    • Safety valve release
    • Seismic (earthquake)
    • Slug flow and Pulsating flow
    • Other impact and shock loads
  • Analysis of Nozzle connections
    • Nozzles on vessels, exchangers and tanks
    • Nozzles for pumps, compressors and turbines
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for determination of flow characteristics in Piping & Ducting systems and Mechanical equipment

Preparation of Intelligent P&IDs and 3D Plant Model

  • Customization of 2D and 3D plant design software to suit project requirements
  • Intelligent P&ID database development and drafting using P&ID software and generation of reports such as line list, valve list, equipment list, instrument list etc.
  • Creation of 3D plant model comprising of civil / structures, equipment, piping / tubing, ducting, cable trays, supports etc.
  • Generation of plot plans, GA drawings, layout drawings, isometrics, spools, detail drawings for supports and reports such as Bill of Materials from 3D model
  • Conversion of 2D drawings to 3D model
  • Attachment of information to intelligent P&IDs and 3D models
  • Integration of P&IDs and 3D models with client's in-house and third party software
  • Walk-through, animation of construction sequences and progress monitoring
  • Animation of dismantling and assembly sequences for equipment

Civil & Structural Design & Analysis

  • Layout of Concrete & Steel Structures in 3D
  • Structural Design & Analysis
  • Design and Qualification of Supports to Equipment, Ducting and Cable Trays
  • Design and Qualification of Embedded Parts
  • Generation of GA drawings, joint detailing, fabrication drawings, BOM etc.

Electrical Design

  • Layout of Electrical Cable Trays and Supports
  • Layout of Electrical Buildings in 3D for High Tension / Low Tension Switchgear, Panels etc.
  • Cable Routing and Scheduling
  • 3D Layout and Extraction of Drawings & Bill of Quantities