Piping Design and Analysis Seminar

We HAD a great seminar, judging from the surveys -

"Excellent seminar"
"Liked the practical examples"
"Great explanations"
"Informative and organized"


Our seminars include theoretical and practical training on piping design, stress analysis (statics, dynamics), piping code compliance issues and pipe stess software usage. This class will be taught by one of our principal instructors Mr. Ron Haupt (Instructors), former ASME B31 Mechanical Design Committee Chairman for approx 19 years, and a current member of various code committees, with over 45 years of professional experience in civil/structural and mechanical engineering, principally in the design, analysis, and maintenance of industrial process and energy-related structures, equipment, piping, pipelines, and supports. We will have two more instructors during the seminar. These instructors are top-notch in their fields and will bring their expertise into the classroom. Come prepared with your toughest questions.

See below for the course outline. Twelve (12) hours of lecture with 12 hours of workshops. Hands-on workshops will include modeling real-world problems, problem solving and case study discussions. Immerse yourself into the material through a 4-day seminar that gives you 8 more hours of hands-on workshops (very limited space available for the 4-day event).

Elsewhere, to cover the topics that we do, you will have to take two piping-related seminars (one for layout design, one for code issues), and then you will still not have any hands-on workshops using pipe stress software, only lectures. Their fees: ~$3,000+ ! Ours, of course, costs less plus you get Twice as many topics, Hands-on workshops and Case Studies. There is no better learning environment.

What You Can Get From This Course

  • Grasp of theoretical concepts behind piping analysis
  • Effective approach to tackling complex problems
  • Awareness of most important piping code guidelines
  • Confidence in using any pipe stress program