Free CAEPIPE Review Module

CAEPIPE Review can be used to read and review CAEPIPE models of any size. It can also be used to review, print, and plot the results for those models. So, it can be distributed free of license fees, to pipe stress supervisors and clients for them to review CAEPIPE stress models and their results.

CAEPIPE Review can also be used to create large stress models, thereby allowing new users to learn modeling features of CAEPIPE. Currently, CAEPIPE Review has almost all the features of the full-fledged CAEPIPE; however, the following features are disabled in CAEPIPE Review.

  • "Export to ..."
  • "Save" & "Save As", and
  • "Analyze"

CAEPIPE Review can also be used to import and review pipe stress models from CAESAR II (.cii files), AutoPIPE (via .cii Export from AutoPIPE), Rohr2 (via .cii Export from Rohr2) and PipePak.

1. Complete the form below and submit to receive a link to download one of the CAEPIPE Review files below.

2. Download the file using the link received via email. Once you have downloaded (and if necessary, unzipped), double-click on the downloaded "kpipe1220-Review.exe" file.

3. Follow all instructions to complete your installation of the free CAEPIPE Review copy.


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