The very first software of
its kind for evaluation of real
world conditions including
operating and shutdown!
Enhance PDMS & E3D' standard clash check
with our HOT simulation!
- For AVEVA's PDMS & E3D and Elomatic's CADMATIC -


HOTclash avoids future lost
productivity and revenue due
to expensive repair costs
culminating from problems that
could have been detected beforehand.
Projects are safer. Startups are more confident.


Quickly transfer "deformed
shapes" for 3 conditions -
Shutdown, Hydrotest
and Operating - to
which can then check for clashes.


HOTclash enables users to benefit immediately from the ability to avoid future lost revenue and productivity due to expensive repair costs culminating from a "shutdown" scenario stemming from problems that could have been detected beforehand using HOTclash. Increased reliability in system operation and enhanced safety are added benefits.

In order to comply with space constraints, piping designers check for interferences between piping and the adjacent structures, concrete buildings, equipment and reserve volumes for walkthrough, maintenance space etc. either manually on General Arrangement drawings or nowadays in a 3D Plant model. Unfortunately, such "Clash-check" is performed using only "as-designed" drawings/3D models. In reality, piping systems deform due to their own dead-weight during installed/shut-down condition, during hydrotest as well as during operating conditions. Clash-checks for piping systems under such "deformed conditions" are usually never performed.

HOTclash is an add-on software module to 3D Plant Design Systems (currently available only on PDMS, E3D and CADMATIC). HOTclash transfers "deformed shapes" for the piping system under three different loading conditions to the 3D Plant Design software, for

  • "Shut-down" condition
  • "Hydrotest" condition, and
  • "Operating" condition

The 3D Plant Design Software, in turn, could then check for interference under the above three loading conditions as well as under the traditional "as-designed" model condition.

HOTclash pinpoints areas where piping clashes with the nearby equipment, other piping systems, cable and duct trays, structural and concrete support structures, so that designer/engineer can take the list of clash points and take remedial design measures. HOTclash also reports clashes for the Operating and Shutdown conditions (post-installation operating condition as opposed to "as-designed" condition). So, you will be performing a "real-world" (hot) simulation BEFORE the system goes live.

Other software only perform a simplistic "in-place" clash check, and do not check for clashes in the operating and shutdown condition like HOTclash does. So, take all measures you can to avoid any probability of a "post-commissioning" shutdown and repairs. Give HOTclash a try. See how useful and important it will be in your design process.

Spend a few hours with HOTclash to prevent weeks if not months of expensive future repairs.

Download HOTclash (requires a working copy of PDMS/E3D or CADMATIC on your MS-Windows PC)

Installation Instructions

Download HOTclash User's Manual