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Free Pipe Stress Analysis
Evaluation Software via

For enhanced user experience, we have moved the download section to SST's new platform PEXit*

Customers can access PEXit using the link from any browser on any device.

Customers can also download PEXit app for Android through Google Play Store

Users can then Create a New Account or Login using their existing PEXit / Facebook / Gmail / LinkedIn account and download the CAEPIPE software through "e-Market > SST Software".

Click Here to Get CAEPIPE Evaluation

After you have signed up with PEXit, you may also join "CAEPIPE Forum" and "Pipe Stress Forum" as follows.

At the Dashboard, select "My Circle", and enter "CAEPIPE Forum" in the text box and press "Search". From the results shown, press the option "Connect" to join the forum. Once the Forum's Administrator accepts your request to join the Forum, you become a member of the CAEPIPE Forum where CAEPIPE Users worldwide discuss matters related to CAEPIPE.

In a similar way, you may join "Pipe Stress Forum" available under Connections where numerous professionals from around the world discuss matters related to piping analysis.

You may invite other CAEPIPE Users/pipe stress professionals to join the "CAEPIPE Forum" and "Pipe Stress Forum".

In order for other professionals to know your background, complete your Profile with as much details as you wish.


* PEXit integrates the best features of Professional Media and eCommerce Facilitator. It helps to communicate, share, post, search, manage teams and projects, buy and sell goods, services and software. In effect, PEXit, the Professional EXchange for industries and technologies, caters to the requirements of professionals, entrepreneurs, groups, retailers, suppliers, micro/small/medium enterprises, manufacturers, industrial plants, corporations and governmental agencies. Even students, teachers and communities can use PEXit to carry out assignments and projects.

Win 9x/Me Users

Download Missing DLL files (exe) (0.35MB) OR Missing DLL files (zip) (0.35MB) only if you get an "Unable to Locate DLL" problem when you run CAEPIPE.

When prompted to save the file, save it to a temporary folder. Double click on "w9xdll.exe". Type the full path to where CAEPIPE program files are located. When finished, REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER before executing CAEPIPED.EXE.

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