CAEPIPE Interactive Results Review

Interactive and organized output screens are among the helpful features unique to CAEPIPE.

No cumbersome check marks to select before viewing a flat Notepad-type non-interactive results file. One keypress takes you through the different available results. Interact with any screen to see other available results.

caepipe results dialog screenshot with sorted stresses selected

  • Sorted Stresses
  • Flange Report
  • Support Loads
  • Mode shapes
  • API 610/617/NEMA SM-23 for Pumps/Compressors/Turbines
  • Code Compliance
  • Hanger Report
  • Displacements (Deflected shape, see figure below)
  • and more...

caepipe graphics window showing model expansion (T1) deflected shape

A deflected shape for the thermal expansion case

  • Flexible joint displacements
  • Response Spectrum Accelerations
  • Center of gravity and weight of the piping system
  • Mode shapes and animation
  • Visual display of displacements for all load cases
  • Visual display of stresses and their ratios
  • Element forces/moments in local/global systems
  • Frequencies, participation factors and effective modal masses

Reports (See a Sample Report)

  • Descriptive input and output information can be printed to a file or a printer without having to exit the program
  • Organized format and hence easily understandable
  • Date and time of analysis on report
  • Table of contents for easy lookup of reports
  • Bill of materials

CAEPIPE reports are easy to read and well-organized! Many users just love the simple format of CAEPIPE reports.

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