Hardware Requirements

Nothing special is required. Any PC running any Windows platform is adequate.


MS-Windows: Any PC running any flavor of 32- or 64-bit
Win 9x through Windows 10. No additional memory capacity required.

Linux/Unix: Any utility in Unix/Linux/Mac that allows you to run Windows software should suffice to run CAEPIPE / CAEPIPE 3D+ too.
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MacOS: Use "Parallels" or similar to load a Windows environment so you can run any Windows-compatible software.

VMWare/Xentop/Other virtualization software: If you have any of the newer virtualization software, running CAEPIPE / CAEPIPE 3D+ will pose no problem on any OS you might have on your PC.

Graphics Card

At least an 8-bit card capable of at least 256 colors. These days, usually a more capable graphics card comes standard. General Note: The better the graphics card, the better CAEPIPE / CAEPIPE 3D+ graphics will be on your computer!

Network Compatibility

MS-Windows networks and Novell Netware compatible


Not required but recommended. CAEPIPE / CAEPIPE 3D+ is so thoroughly designed for maximum productivity that you will find keyboard shortcuts for almost everything you want to do within it rapidly and efficiently. But, sometimes, for graphics manipulation, you might find it more natural to use a mouse.

Technical Specifications