CAEPIPE LM Troubleshooting

Win 9x/Me Users

Download Missing DLL files (exe) (0.35MB) OR Missing DLL files (.zip) (0.35MB) only if you get an "Unable to Locate DLL" problem when you run CAEPIPE LM.

When prompted to save the file, save it to a temporary folder. Double click on "w9xdll.exe". Type the full path to where CAEPIPE LM program files are located. When finished, REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER before executing CAEPIPED.EXE.

.NET Framework Not Installed

SST software mentioned in the installation instruction below requires .NET Framework 3.5. For Windows 7 and Windows 8, .NET Framework 3.5 is already installed by default. For Windows 10 and Windows Server R12, the .Net Framework 3.5 needs to be enabled using the option "Turn Microsoft features on or off."

SSTLM Environmental Variable Not Set

caepipe error message stating SSTLM Environment variable not found

If you get a "Error, SSTLM Environmental variable not set" message, please consult the SST License Manager Environmental Variable Help for further instruction.

Server Not Found. SSTLM Service...

sst caepipe sstlm error message stating Server not found sstlm service is not running

If you get a "Error, Server not Found. SSTLM service is not running in Server" message, please consult the SST License Manager Firewall Help and SST License Manager Service Help for further instruction.

Expired Evaluation Licenses

To reactivate an expired evaluation license, please send an email to Please INCLUDE your name, company, email and telephone without which we will not be able to process your request.

Error 429

sstlm error message stating ActiveX component can't create object

If you get a "Error, 429. ActiveX component can't create object" message, reinstall SSTLM. You can download the installation file here.

Note: Reinstalling SSTLM will NOT remove existing activation keys.