Why Use checkSTRESS

THE BENEFITS of checkSTRESS are many

  • Save piping designers and piping engineers from unneeded design review meetings
  • Save your engineers' time because checkSTRESS produces a pipe stress model ready for detailed analysis
  • Avoid errors introduced into the pipe stress model due to hand-coding
  • Pre-qualify lines (before engineer gets the models)
  • Identify poor piping layouts quickly.
  • Identify piping layouts that are NOT compliant with Piping Codes
  • Seismic qualification (cS Nuke version)
  • Eliminate Needless and Inactive Pipe Supports


Pipe stress engineers are usually handed "stiff" piping layouts from piping designers who route pipes based on constraints due to

  • Space
  • Flow
  • Process
  • Construction
  • Operation, and
  • Reparability

But these designs or layouts usually do not accommodate pipe stress needs of flexibility. So now, the piping engineer, when s/he gets such a layout from the designer, gets to deal with:

  1. Inflexible, stiff piping layouts
  2. Inadequately supported lines
  3. Too many pipe supports
  4. Inactive pipe supports (which ones are really needed?)
  5. Piping Code Noncompliance


  1. Multiple design review meetings with the designers - Back and forth, ad nauseam
  2. And, of course, the subtle one: Errors introduced due to hand-coding of the stress models, not to mention a waste of engineers' time

Many hours of back and forth design reviews ensue finally leading to an acceptable layout AFTER which the engineer begins to do his/her real job - detailed pipe stress analysis.


A preliminary visual tool for designers for identifying and fixing all of the problems stated above (1 through 7), quickly and easily, AND, convert your 3D CAD file to a pipe stress model format file (CAEPIPE, CAESAR-II, or Nuclear Pipe Stress Analysis s/w PIPESTRESS).
We have checkSTRESS for your 3D CAD software platform:

  • AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • ProCAD
  • CADWorx
  • PDMS/E3D
  • PDS
  • SmartPlant 3D
  • Autoplant
  • Solid Edge, and others
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