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CAEPIPE was the first software of its kind to use the acclaimed industry-standard OpenGL® for outstanding graphics to help in 3D visualization. Others are still trying to catch-up.

The following short video shows the basic graphics operations — pan, zoom, rotate, render, selective showing and plotting of elements, stress contours. Click on the play button to start the video.

caepipe graphics window displaying centered, rendered brochure model

caepipe graphics window displaying zoomed, rendered brochure model

Observe the Clarity and Quality of the graphics and the Speed with which you can make manipulations. Only then will you have a clear idea of CAEPIPE's unmatched capability.

caepipe graphics window displaying SL(Mpa) brochure model

caepipe graphics window displaying zoomed SL(Mpa) brochure model

Unique Features include:

  • Single-click editing in the graphics window
  • Selective graphics views using the context menu
  • Able to print any view to a graphics file or printer
  • Native Graphics Routines: Unmatched rendering speed of any graphics image
  • Several graphics output formats - HPGL, DXF, EPS, EMF
  • Plot of single line graphics to AutoCAD format
  • Specify title for plot separate from model
  • Print in color (Low/Medium/High Resolution, and Black/White background)
  • No anisotropic graphical distortions upon window resizing
  • Super fast dynamic scrollbar with tracking scroll box in real-time for text and graphics
  • Dynamic updating of data in all open windows - Layout, List and Graphics
  • Synchronization of the highlight/cursor between all open text and graphics windows
  • Simultaneous visual updates of deflected and mode shapes. Simply switch between different load cases (or mode shapes) to show corresponding deflected (or mode shape).
  • Flashing cursor in graphics window synchronized at all times with the input window
  • A pop-up context menu of frequently used commands in Graphics window
  • Graphics scales dynamically in real-time. Simply resize the window for fast and dynamic resizing.

caepipe graphics window displaying SL / SH brochure model

caepipe graphics window displaying zoomed SL / SH brochure model

Here is a deflected shape. Animation is possible too.

caepipe graphics window displaying deflected shape brochure model

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