CAEPIPE Interactive Results Review

Interactive and organized output screens are among the helpful features unique to CAEPIPE.

No cumbersome check marks to select before viewing a flat Notepad-type non-interactive results file. One keypress takes you through the different available results. Interact with any screen to see other available results.

caepipe results dialog screenshot with sorted stresses selected

Displacements at

  • All nodes
  • Ball joints (with bending displacements)
  • Flexible joints (Bellows, Slip, Hinge and Ball joints)
  • Guides, Hangers, Limit stops
  • Minimum and maximum displacements for each load case

Deflected Shape (animation possible)

caepipe graphics window showing model expansion (T1) deflected shape

A deflected shape for the thermal expansion case

Support loads for all load cases

Support load summary (150+)

Element forces and moments (local and global)

Internal and External Pressure Design results as per EN 13480-3


  • Code compliance stresses
  • Sorted code stresses
  • Von Mises, Maximum and Minimum stresses
  • Operating stresses for nondestructive examination (NDE)
  • Color coded stresses and stress ratios

Status of Nonlinearities such as pipe lifting off at resting/sliding supports, gap closure at supports and tie rods, friction at supports and expansion joints

Relevant key results shown under “First-level Checks” for quick review

Hanger report

Flange report

Rotating equipment reports

Frequencies and mode shapes (animation possible)

Response spectrum analysis results

Center of gravity, weight of each element and total weight

Export of stress model as 3D reference geometry to 3D plant design systems PDMS, E3D and CADMATIC

Export of Deflected shape as 3D reference geometry to 3D plant design systems PDMS, E3D and CADMATIC

Reports (See a Sample Report)

  • Descriptive input and output information can be printed to a file or a printer without having to exit the program
  • Clean, concise, clearly organized, formatted and customizable reports
  • Date and time of analysis on reports
  • Table of contents for easy lookup of reports
  • Bill of materials
  • Print preview for reports and graphics
  • Neutral file input and output (.mbf)
  • Export of input and output to ASCII and MS-EXCEL (.csv) file format
  • Export and Import of Material Library through ASCII Material Library Batch file (.mlb)

CAEPIPE reports are easy to read and well-organized! Many users just love the simple format of CAEPIPE reports.

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